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February 2010



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Feb. 26th, 2010

Some Catching Up to Do

Sorry for the long hiatus guys; I've been..... err... playing video games while battling it out with school work. Nothing new to inform anyone about, so I'll just go and fill out that tag by emocezi, a million light years ago. Derp.

The Rules:
1. Write your username: Syntic
2. Write your 2 favorite bands/groups of the moment: Perfume || OK Go
3. Write something you ♥, aka lemme see your heart: A game of Team Fortress 2 with all my friends and zero lag/ping ♥
4. Write the name of your favorite person of all time: Uhh...
5. Write the name of your recent favored person: So far it's been my little brother because he likes to keep me company.
6. Tag 6 people to do this meme. ...No. : I

May. 31st, 2009

I'm back~~~...

I'm totally bushed. D :

So tired... -_-;; I really missed Canada. As a matter of fact, I missed Canada while I was on my flight to HK and ever since. XD;; During my stay overseas, I was surprised (although I know I shouldn't have been) by the filthy water. It tasted like dirt. DDD : Now I know why Chinese people like tea so much; it helps drown out that unclean taste. There was quite a bit of smog too so the air looked purple at night, but the worse was probably the humidity. When I got to the apartment on the first day it was at 88% humidity. Our clothes couldn't even dry properly. *laughs*

The food was nice since I got to eat a lot of fresh stuff and I spent the majority of my money on transportation and meals. The desserts there were the best. <333 Going shopping was great since the clothes were really nice, but they only had one size and you can't try them on, so yeah...

Oh and all over HK were gatcha-pons (capsule machines)! XDDD I spent so much money playing those things. : BBB Capsules are awesome. <3 I got to go to Ocean Park (basically like a zoo), and the giant Buddha that overlooks HK. The anime malls were drool-worthy, but everything's in Chinese so a whole bunch of the appeal got lost on me.

I spent a week in HK before moving further into China's Guangzhou. The city was a lot more spacious, but it was definitely dirtier (even the water --had it been possible, which it was-- was dirtier). Everyone littered EVERYWHERE, it was gross. And the funny thing is that Caucasian people are like a tourist attraction to the residents there, a lot of them hasn't even seen a white person in their life besides the advertisements... but even then, they'll think that Caucasians are Asians. XD;;; Oh, and out of all the girls in my group (all girl group) who was making their way into Guangzhou, I was the one who got pulled out of line and almost got quarantined, so yeah- that was fun. -_-;;

The things in China were cheaper than HK, but I missed HK more cause they had a lot more freedom in what they did. You also had to be careful with your purse since there are a lot of pick-pockets and people who slash your bags to get to your stuff. : \

I don't think I have much else to say about my trip, but I'm still a bit jet-lagged from the day before so I probably don't remember much right now. Anyways, it's great to be back and I've missed you all dearly. ('3'){<333)

May. 15th, 2009

Half an hour and oveseas I go.

Title says it all.

But just in case, make sure you guys don't text or call me in the next two weeks else the phone bill's going to stack up. : x

And I'll be missing you all, so ta-ta for now~!

Apr. 23rd, 2009

Summer? Yes please. : D

Because I'm uncreative and it's like two in the morning--I don't want to have to come up with a lame title for this entry--I'll be using the title from my DA post.

Anyways, school's over! --For now. : I When I go back to school in September (hoping that I get accepted into the U) I know I'm going to fail terribly. Human nature doesn't change, when we're lazy, we're lazy FOREVER. You can try to convince me otherwise, but I've seen it and it's not a pretty thing.

Enough with the rambling... Well, I'm going to HK and China next month. Dang, I made a really rash decision when I decided to go and now I'm poor. Geez, I'll try to live off of bottle water and crackers if I can, cause I want to use my money to buy cosplay items, clothes, and souvenirs. Oh so sad... munnies... no more munnies...

I've been doing nothing but play video games lately, but man, Harvest Moon is so addictive. XDDD I've played the old-school ones and a couple of others in the series throughout my life, so when I picked it up on the Wii it took a bit getting used to. Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility was hard at first, but now it's too easy. D : I got married in my first year with a lvl 4 house upgrade. I'm spending gold left and right cause I got so much of it. *laughs* Good game though.

And I found out something interesting. I've only ever seen art memes (since I also draw them), but I didn't know fanfiction memes existed too. At first, I thought it was odd and kind of lame that people are constantly requesting ideas while others, at no price, fill them. But actually, some ideas are excellent. ;_; It's ridiculous how far a good idea can take you. I'm not very good at writing fan fics, and I suck at long multi-chapter ones, but short one/two-shots are a lot of fun to write. XD;; Oh gawd, and some kink memes are just AMAZING. Perverse, but amazing if you can find the well-written stuff. : d I'm so tempted to write more fics... but- my games... DDD : Hmm, decisions, decisions. <333

I hope everyone else is having a happy, lazy summer. : 3

Feb. 24th, 2009

Seriously, how hard is it to take a look around you?

I'm so pissed off right now.

I should be studying, but ARRGHH! >_<; A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, in case they somehow find this) is being an incredible douche. I really didn't notice it until my cousin pointed it out, but it's really nagging me.

I think there should be a limit to how much a person should not trust others. Over thinking things and making a double-meaning out of everything a person says even when they don't have any ill-intentions is going a bit too far. I'm not telling them to throw caution to the wind, but stop thinking that EVERYONE is out to get you.

I'm an honest person, if I don't know something, I'll tell you. Being human, I make mistakes and I nod my head even if I don't know what I'm being asked of. During those times, I'll need your help the most. Observe me, watch my expressions and actions (I wear my heart on my sleeve, so this shouldn't be a problem (unless you have ADD or something...)), take in the fact that I probably don't know what I'm talking about and if I say anything else it'll embarrass not just me, but you. --Ask me if I truly know what the hell I'm saying, four out of ten times, I'll tell you I don't.


So if I tell you "you don't need to drive my little brother and I tomorrow", I don't need a ride tomorrow, but I'll need one everyday after that particular "tomorrow." It doesn't mean I don't want you to drive me anymore (even after you told your guy friend that I freak out and twitch too much whenever I'm in a car, and telling him about wanting to play a trick on me by driving recklessly, which afterward he actually DID; not only did he put my life in danger, but he put his friend and my cousin's lives in danger as well)

I told you how upset I was and that maybe I didn't want you to drive me anymore because you were the one who came up with the idea of nearly killing me and dragging my friends into it, but I didn't tell you "no," cause it would have been rude to think that horribly of you when your using your own time and car gas to drive my little bro and I to school everyday.

But did you really think I was oblivious/gullible enough to not know when I'm being lied to? Breakfast everyday? --What breakfast? If you just want to sleep in, then tell me the truth. Tell me that you don't want to drive me, because my psychological-trauma induced twitching is INSULTING your driving. I don't care what you say or do to me, but don't have me drag my beloved brother and cousin into this whole mess because your ego's so big you claim that you need to eat it for breakfast every morning. D :<

*huff-huff* Gawd, I gotta go study for my midterm now... ._.

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